Montreal, October 25 2021 – According to Recyc-Québec, 11.2 million tons of preventable waste, meaning food that could have been eaten, are wasted in Canada each year. That amount represents enough food to feed every person in Canada for almost five months. Touched by this issue and wishing to contribute to the Zero Waste movement, Foody Savior is launching its application for food stores and restaurants, as well as their customers.

A simple and efficient process for merchants
Foody Savior was developed in Quebec by Montrealers Mohand Rabhi and Félix Gouhier, respectively son of a restaurant owner and pastry chef. The community application allows merchants to reduce their inventory of unsold products that need to be thrown away at the end of the day. By offering these products to platform users at one-third the price, they can reduce waste while increasing their profitability. Merchants can register on the Foody Savior website and then automate the uploading of their surplus baskets for the day or week. They can afterwards add or remove them as needed, depending on demand. To facilitate the process, no descriptions or photos of the products are required.

  Merchants’ time is precious, and we really wanted to simplify their task by presenting an application that allows them to offer, in a few clicks, the products that are at risk of being wasted”, explained Mohand Rabhi, President and Founder of the Foody Savior application. “Merchants, especially the smaller ones, don’t have the time to start describing and taking pictures of their products.”

  The app is simple to use and offers an alternative solution for merchants who, rather than throwing away products that are still edible, can instead sell them for less. At the same time, consumers can buy products that they already like or discover others that they’ve never tried, all at a discounted price.  

“Partnering with Foody Savior has allowed us to avoid wasting too much food”, said Aurélia Petiteau, Manager of the Mamie Clafoutis bakery and pastry shop on Saint-Denis Street in Montreal. “The app is easy to use and pick-ups are quick for customers.”   

We are very pleased with the experience”, added Paula Deyoung, owner of the Papaye et Mangue fruit shop located in the Hochelaga district. “The Foody Savior app is straightforward to use and it brought us new customers.”    

A highly anticipated application
The Foody Savior app is now available on Google Play and will be available in a few days on Apple Store. This release was highly anticipated due to the promising success of the pilot project. Indeed, of the 120 users who participated in the pilot project launched in September, one third returned to pick up baskets following their first experience. This served to demonstrate the relevance of the application even before it was officially launched.   

About 30 businesses are currently registered and several more are added every week. They are mainly located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, Mile-End, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Hochelaga, Villeray, Ahunstic-Cartierville, Côte-Vertu, Verdun and Côte-des-Neiges districts in Montreal.   

The Foody Savior app arrived at a key moment to significantly reduce food waste”, observed Lucie Castaing, one of the first Foody Savior users. “The application is easy to use and very intuitive. It groups our favourite merchants and allows us to try new addresses. In addition to being able to choose our food preferences, the process of ordering and retrieving the basket is ultra-simplified and accessible to all. I’m looking forward to the application spreading across Quebec and I hope that it will encourage other great initiatives.”   

The Foody Savior start-up, incubated at Centech during the winter of 2021, was also recognized for its innovative concept that addresses a very real issue.  

Food waste is an important issue in our society”, stated Richard Chénier, Managing Director of Centech. “With all the challenges related to climate change, we need innovative solutions to accelerate behavioural changes. Foody Savior is fully in line with this.”   

Food waste is generally defined as any food intended for human consumption that is lost or discarded throughout the food chain, whether in the field, during transportation, while being processed, at the grocery store, in restaurants and hotels, or at home. Food waste affects all food categories. In Canada, vegetables, fruits, table leftovers, bread and bakery products, followed by dairy products and eggs, are the most lost or wasted.  

Please note that the Foody Savior app does not collect its share of earnings when companies donate their profits to charity and that it also donates 5% of the profits from each basket sold to the food insecurity organization La Tablée des Chefs.  

About Foody Savior
Foody Savior is a Quebec-developed app that fights against food waste, launched in Montreal after being incubated at Centech during the winter of 2021. Foody Savior’s mission is to allow merchants to reduce their losses by offering their customers products, about to be taken off the shelves, in the form of a surprise basket at one-third the price. Foody Savior users can be notified when surprise baskets are offered or search for them on the app according to their location. About 30 Montreal businesses are currently offering surprise baskets. Foody Savior benefits from the support of La Tablée des Chefs as their missions are complementary and the application is committed to not collecting its share of earnings when companies donate their profits to charity.

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